Natural Soap Has a Smaller Environmental Impact

Knowing that our actions have a profound impact on the world around us, The Natural Purity has always strived to be different. We want to be better. I find it odd that a product we use to keep our bodies clean is doing quite the opposite for our environment.



As we take a bath or shower with commercial "soap" bars or washes, we coat our skin with synthetic compounds like fragrances, dyes, preservatives, and detergents.

Now imagine the millions of people who use commercial soap each day.

All of these chemicals, many of which do not naturally break down, have to go somewhere. They wash down our drains into our septic fields or water treatment facilities. 

Studies have found that these chemicals often end up in our water systems and accumulate in our ecosystems. These chemicals affect wildlife--from fish to birds and natural foliage to flowers.


Our soaps are made with organic ingredients. Organic ingredients mean organic farming and organic farming is better for the environment. It improves the quality of our environment by protecting our land and groundwater from contamination and by promoting the use of sustainable resources and the conservation of soil and water.



When it comes to the environment, there are other benefits when choosing a natural bar of soap. Packaging! 

Natural soap companies like ours tend to use eco-friendly materials for packaging and shipping.

Our natural soap bars are sold in recyclable cardboard boxes made with recycled materials. 

Also, if you use a liquid body wash, how many plastic bottles and pumps do you dispose of in a single year?


Furthermore, because liquid body wash is mostly water, it is heavier to transport and therefore creates a larger carbon footprint.

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